Middle School Themes

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For every student, there will always be a unique set of tastes, interests and needs that must be met by their place of education. Duval County Public Schools believes the most important thing we can give our middle school students is a great place to go to school. And whatever it takes to make that happen is what we strive to do!

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Aviation/Military Sciences [M]

The Aviation and Military Sciences program is designed to prepare students for future endeavors, developing their interest in aviation with interactive learning through elective classes, after-school activities and summer camps. An aviation ground school elective puts students in the cockpit of on-site flight simulators. Students have access to an outdoor confidence course, indoor rock climbing wall, physical training program, field trips and guest speakers. A uniform is required.

Business Academy [C]

The Business Academy program starts students on a path in business or information technology careers by providing the skills, training and instruction necessary to prepare for high school and eventual post-secondary study. The curriculum includes e-learning, digital literacy and official Microsoft courses.

Business and Technology [C]

The Business and Technology program assists students in making informed decisions regarding their future academic and occupational goals and provides information regarding careers in the business, management and administration career clusters. The content includes instruction in word processing, computer keyboarding, business computer applications, finance, college and career planning. When qualified, students will be able to earn appropriate industry certification.

Cambridge Secondary 1 [C]

The Cambridge Secondary 1 program is designed to develop confidence and skills in English, mathematics and science. It incorporates internationally benchmarked tests and analysis software that provides feedback on students’ strengths and weaknesses in core skills in English, mathematics and science. The feedback is used to improve teaching, to support learning and to report student progress. Students are prepared to apply for admission to one of the high school Cambridge Secondary 2 AICE programs or to one of the other acceleration programs.

Coastal Sciences [M]

The Coastal Sciences program enables students to reach their full potential as creative, inquiring learners who respect our Florida marine ecosystems. Students become self-directed researchers, analytical thinkers, problem solvers, prolific readers and writers, and lifelong stewards of the environment. The mission is to teach through an interdisciplinary focus; rigorous, interrelated core academic subjects and electives which prepare learners for the high school Acceleration Programs as well as the Academy of Coastal and Environmental Science (ACES) Career Academy at Terry Parker High School.

Early High School [M] [C]

The Early High School program is designed as a middle school version of the Early College program available at several high schools. The program provides an incentive for students to excel in their coursework while offering considerable academic and social support to ensure success. A personalized small-school environment, high expectations for academic achievement and a curriculum that is relevant to their life goals prepare students for admission to the Early College Program or other high school acceleration programs. Students can earn up to three high school credits in mathematics, foreign language and science while in middle school.

Gifted & Academically Talented [M]

The College Preparatory program prepares students for tomorrow by offering challenging academics and creative learning experiences, by promoting individual growth in a cooperative environment, and by fostering a commitment to school and community. Advanced and gifted classes in the core academic subjects prepare students to excel in a rigorous high school program of study. Students gain a holistic experience through participation in a variety of extracurricular academic and athletic activities.

Gifted & Academically Talented/Leadership [M]

The College Preparatory and Leadership Development program challenges students academically through a rigorous program of study designed to help prepare tomorrow’s leaders to be competitive in the ever-changing global community. Students will be scheduled in gifted or advanced core classes. In addition to the core course offerings, an emphasis is placed on leadership development through grade-specific leadership electives. The culmination of each student’s middle school experience is participation in the 8th-grade leadership symposium.

Information Technology (IT) [C]

The Information Technology program starts students on a path in business or information technology careers by providing the skills, training and instruction needed to prepare for postsecondary study. The curriculum includes e-learning, digital literacy and official Microsoft courses. After completion of the program of study, students are prepared to take the Microsoft Office Specialist Exam.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP)

The International Baccalaureate MYP strives to help students develop the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and skills necessary to participate actively and responsibly in a changing world. Students experience an academic curriculum that focuses on the study of core subjects through five areas of interaction: Approaches to Learning, Community and Service, Human Ingenuity, Environments, and Health and Social Education. Classes are presented in ways that allow students to see how they are connected to each other and the world. Students are prepared to apply for admission to one of the high school IB programs or to one of the other high school acceleration programs.

Math, Science and Technology [M]

Students receive a three-year course of study with a focus on science, technology and pre-engineering. To prepare students for college preparatory courses at the high school level, the program offers advanced, gifted, standard and ESE classes in core academic areas. Special advanced and gifted team electives may include astronomy, forensics, logic, advanced genetics and geometry as well as normally offered electives, robotics, video game design, computer applications, technology, TV production and digital photography. Successful completion of Algebra I is required for program continuity to Robert E. Lee High School.

Medical Arts/Gifted & Academically Talented [M]

The Medical Arts program offers a rigorous college preparatory curriculum integrated with professional medical standards throughout the entire school. In addition to an Accelerated Science path, the entire program features only advanced level courses. All middle school students must take a dedicated medical elective each year of the program. The curriculum is designed to offer students the opportunity to learn collaboratively and experientially, and to apply their learning to real-life situations. They are given multiple opportunities to participate in academically related field trips exposing them to the world of professional medicine. Students may earn high school credit in selected areas.

Middle Years Career Exploration [M]

The Middle Years Career Exploration program allows students to maximize academic achievement while guiding them to explore occupations and make informed high school decisions that support their future career choices. While focusing on science, technology and communications broadcasting, career exploration is integrated into every classroom. Students can connect school requirements to future careers and match their likes and skills to real-world opportunities.

Pre-AP Honors [C]

The Pre-AP Honors program offers accelerated classes for advanced-level students. These classes are designed to prepare students for the AP Honors program at the high school level or for one of the other acceleration programs. Students will take advanced classes in language arts, science and math including Algebra 1 Honors, Geometry Honors and Biology. Students who complete the Pre-AP Honors curriculum and pass the End of Course exam will leave middle school with three high school credits. In addition, students may earn an additional high school credit by completing Spanish 1.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) [C]

Using an interdisciplinary approach that bridges the four areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, the STEM program is designed to teach students to think critically and logically in order to solve complex problems. An elective class in robotics gives students an opportunity to compete in state Lego and Programming competitions. The program helps students understand how the world works and to drive future advancements in science and technology.

Technology [C]

By incorporating technology into every aspect of daily instruction, technology-themed schools are preparing children for the challenges of the 21st century. Students are offered a well-rounded curriculum with high-tech resources and programs including Internet instruction, micro projection, and computer labs. Students learn to integrate the use of various technologies into their academic projects and learning activities.

Transportation and Logistics [C]

This program provides students with opportunities to become familiar with related careers and develop fundamental technological literacy as they learn about the history, systems, and processes of transportation. In addition, the course will provide an overview of the safe use of tools and equipment used in the industry.

Visual and Performing Arts [M]

Highly qualified professionals offer instruction in band, chorus, dance, drama, piano, orchestra, guitar, creative writing and visual arts in a program designed for beginning through advanced students. Standard, honors, gifted and ESE classes accommodate students who receive at least two periods of arts instruction in addition to the core curriculum.