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There are countless choices an elementary school student makes every day, whether itʼs what snack to enjoy at recess or which book to read in class. From the very minor to the very major, the choices faced by students of all ages in Duval County Public Schools can change the way they see their education. How do they know which way to go? By supporters like you steering them in the right direction.

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Academic Enrichment Through Literacy and Technology [M]

Students master content standards through a creative blend of literacy, technology, and parent and community support. The academic programs are enriched with computer and media technologies–helping students strengthen their skills in reading, math and other core areas.

Academic Enrichment Through Science [M]

The Academic Enrichment Through Science theme gives students the chance to build a strong academic foundation with an enriched science experience. Students will learn about various science careers and take part in a “hands on” approach to science.

Accelerated Academy of Learning [M]

The Accelerated Academy of Learning theme enhances academic growth through challenging and stimulating learning experiences and by identifying and building on the individual strengths of each student. Various teaching techniques are used to foster a love of learning and independent thinking. The program follows the philosophy of Henry Levin’s Accelerated Schools Project which treats all students as gifted.

Coastal Sciences [M]

Coastal Sciences is a program that helps students investigate, understand, appreciate and champion sustainable actions to protect and preserve the valuable North Florida waterways and other coastal environments. As the future stewards of the earth, students are taught how they can better care for our natural resources. Cross-curricular study and community partnerships, such as Jacksonville University’s Marine Science Research Institute, generate opportunities for students to conduct research projects that increase student and community awareness.

F.A.M.E. (Foreign Language, Academics, Music Enrichment) [M]

The F.A.M.E. theme focuses on Foreign Language, Academics and Music Enrichment. Spanish language exposes students to other lands and cultures. The second area, Academics, focuses on enhancing critical thinking skills. And finally, Music Enrichment offers students the chance to express themselves through musical instruments, music theory, rhythm and other basics of music. Music study helps students become motivated and self-assured while fostering creativity and self-expression.

FUNdamental Learning/ Business and Entrepreneurship [M]

In a FUNdamental Academy, all the basics are given extra emphasis. Computer technology is integrated throughout the curriculum. Students receive intense instruction in reading, writing and mathematics.

Gifted and Academically Talented [M]

The Gifted and Academically Talented Program offers all students an enriched academic learning experience. Classes include more in-depth application of skills through special projects and hands-on experiences. Gifted activities and instructional strategies are incorporated into the regular academic programs. Students who have been staffed into the Gifted Program receive one full day of Gifted Resource on-site.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) [M]

The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme provides a rigorous inquiry-based curriculum. An international person is a communicator, a critical thinker, a risk taker and an inquirer who is knowledgeable, well-balanced, reflective, principled, open-minded and caring. The IB PYP program introduces students to a world language and helps them gain both an understanding of and appreciation for people and cultures around the world.

International Studies [M]

The International Studies program goal is to educate students within the context of understanding the cultures of many different countries. Teachers expose students to world cultures through creative settings, displays and clothing representing native characters of other countries. Arts and technology are infused to help students develop an appreciation and understanding of other cultures and to enrich the social-studies curriculum. Strong emphasis is placed on the study of geography. Students learn while experiencing the rich diversity of cultures around the world.

Leadership Through Project-Based Technology [M]

The Project-Based Technology theme exposes students at each grade level to technology that is integrated into all areas of the curriculum. Students demonstrate mastery through the production of an integrated technology task. These skills increase in complexity as students progress through each grade level. The project-based technology theme concludes with a capstone project that showcases the work and skills students have gained from Kindergarten through fifth - grade.

Math, Science and Technology [M]

The Math, Science and Technology theme offers students hands-on learning experience, with emphasis placed on math- science- and technology-based activities. The classroom experience is enhanced through technology such as computers, the Internet and multimedia classrooms.

Math, Science, Pre-Engineering (STEM) [M]

The Mathematics, Science and Pre-Engineering program hopes to awaken students’ interest in science and to produce scientifically literate adults. Beginning in kindergarten, hands-on project-based science experiences are a focus of the program along with enrichment activities for students and their families. Basic engineering concepts are used to engage students who are naturally fascinated by technology, computer games, sounds and music that are grounded in mathematics and science.

Medical Arts [M]

The Medical Arts theme at the elementary level is designed to spark an interest in science at an early age and to create curiosity about the medical fields. An emphasis on medical themes is integrated into the core academic areas with a particular focus at each grade level. Students experience real-life situations through field trips and collaboration with the middle and high school program at Darnell-Cookman School of the Medical Arts.

Montessori [M]

Montessori offers a time-proven curriculum that allows students to explore through hands-on learning experiences, to learn at their own pace and to proceed to the next step or lesson in learning when they are ready. Students of different ages learn together in a warm and relaxed environment that promotes independence, respect, sharing and responsibility. Students work with specially designed and attractively displayed developmental learning materials. Montessori helps students gain the skills needed to work independently and as a part of a group. Montessori Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4 are a tuition-based program and are not a part of VPK.

Multiple Intelligences [M]

Multiple Intelligences is a learning theory developed by Howard Gardner that recognizes that students learn in many different ways. According to Gardner, there are eight different intelligences: verbal/linguistic (word smart), musical/rhythmic (music smart), logical/mathematical (number smart), visual/spatial (art smart), bodily/kinesthetic (body smart), naturalist (nature smart), intrapersonal (self smart), and interpersonal (people smart). Teachers use instructional strategies geared toward the different ways of knowing and learning.

Museum Studies [M]

The Museum Studies theme provides students new ways to showcase their work and progress through student-designed displays that result in quarterly Exhibit Openings for parents and community members. Field trips to museums and galleries expand awareness of the many cultural resources available throughout the city. Teachers develop learning modules that align with district and state standards in mathematics, literacy, social studies, science, art, music and technology.

Spanish Montessori [M]

Spanish Immersion Montessori combines the Montessori and Spanish Immersion programs into one package. It allows students not only to be immersed in a world language, Spanish, but also to participate in hands-on learning and to become independent learners through the Montessori curriculum and teaching methodology. Students will gain a love of learning, while becoming bilingual and bi-literate.

Technology [M]

By incorporating technology into every aspect of daily instruction, technology-themed schools are preparing students for the challenges of the 21st century. Students are offered a well-rounded curriculum with high-tech resources and programs including Internet instruction, micro projection, computer labs and a television production lab. Students learn to integrate the use of various technologies into their academic projects and learning activities.

Visual and Performing Arts [M]

The Visual and Performing Arts program prepares students for academic success and engages them in a rigorous curriculum infused with the arts. Students can explore creative writing, dance, drama, visual arts, vocal and instrumental music. Students take part in performances such as concerts, dance or theatrical productions and art exhibits. They will gain self-confidence and discipline. The visual and performing arts elementary program offers program continuity to LaVilla School of the Arts.

Note: Not all arts areas available at every school.