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Military Transfer Option

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Florida Statute 1003.05 - Assistance to Transitioning Students from Military Families recognizes that school-aged dependents of military personnel often face numerous transitions during their formative years. The legislation provides that dependent children of active duty military who otherwise meet the eligibility criteria for special academic programs shall be given first preference for admission to such programs even if the program is being offered through a public school other than the school to which the student would normally be assigned. Special programs include magnet schools, advanced studies, Advanced Placement, dual enrollment, AICE and IB.

Florida Statute 1000.36, Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children, provides guidance to school districts on how to remove barriers to educational success imposed on dependent children of military families due to frequent moves and deployment of their parents. The Duval County School Board Policy 5.23 “Transfer Policy for Dependent Children of Transitioning Military Personnel” describes how DCPS operationalizes the two aforementioned Florida Statutes.

Students seeking a transfer as a military dependent student must complete the Military Transfer Option 2014-2015 Student Transfer Application and provide the required documentation.

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