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Submitting Your Application

All applications received by the February 28 deadline are processed in the magnet lottery. The lottery is a computerized program that randomly selects students based on:

  • The priority that has been assigned to each choice
  • The number of available openings for each program and grade level. This year we have included the 2013-2014 utilization of each school which has a direct impact on openings a school may have for new magnet students.

The lottery considers first choices first, followed by second choices, then third choices. Results of the lottery are mailed to applicants’ homes in mid-April.

The Waiting List

Students who are not accepted into any of their magnet requests are placed on a Waiting List(s).

Students who are accepted into one of their magnet requests do not appear on a waiting list for any other choice.

Keep your notification letter in a safe place. It contains Your Waiting List number, and if openings become available during the summer, they will be filled according to that number. Your first opportunity to be contacted from the Waiting List is in May but most openings occur during the summer. You will be notified by telephone, and you will have only 24 hours to accept or decline placement in the school we offer you. It is important that your correct phone number(s) are on file in the DCPS Student Information System.

If your contact information changes, be sure the current school updates your address and phone number.

The last day that students will be contacted off a waiting list is August 25, 2014. In rare instances, students may be contacted in January for second semester admission.