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Priorities for the Magnet Lottery

Many magnet schools cannot accommodate every student who applies. For this reason, every choice that you make on the magnet application is given a priority that is used as a weight in the magnet lottery. The priorities are used only for applications that are received by the February 28 deadline.

Download the Grade Level Priority Chart

Military Priority

FL Statute 1003.05 provides that dependent children of transitioning active duty military who otherwise meet eligibility criteria for special programs shall be given first preference for admission to such programs, including magnet programs. To qualify, the student must live in Duval County, reside in the household of the military personnel, and have transitioned to Jacksonville within the year. School Board Policy 5.23 “Transitioning Policy for Dependent Children of Military Personnel” is available on the DCPS website for complete details. In addition to the magnet application, students wishing to exercise the military priority must also complete the Military Transfer Option 2014-2015 Student Transfer Application and submit it along with the magnet application and required documentation.

Students who use the military preference when applying for a magnet program, and who apply by the February 28, 2014 deadline, may make up to three choices on the magnet application. Each choice will be awarded the military priority. Students who use the military preference to apply for a magnet program after the deadline are assigned to the program if there is space available. If there is no space available, the military dependent will be placed at the top of an existing waiting list for the school or program and placed if and when an opening occurs.