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How to Apply to Magnet Schools

The deadline to apply to attend a magnet school for the 2014-15 school year has passed.

The online application is no longer available. A late application may be submitted in person or by mail to the School Choice Office. The application will be filed by date received in a late file and will not be entered into the magnet lottery. Late file applicants will only be contacted if the wait list generated after the lottery is fully exhausted.


Ontime Instructions

If you want to apply for your student to attend a magnet school, please follow these instructions very carefully!

Important Note:  Again this year, you have the option to apply to a magnet school online.  That means you do NOT have to complete the paper application. Paper applications can be found at under the Forms button located at the top of the webpage and there is information that will help you complete each step of the process.  You do NOT have to apply online; it is simply an option.  You may apply by paper application as before, but you must choose one or the other if you want to be considered for a magnet school.  The deadline is the same for both options.  Personalized applications can be found on the Grade Portal using your regular parent signon for each child. To access the Grade portal, click HERE. If you are unable to download your application and would like to apply online, call the Magnet Programs Office at 904-390-2082 to request your 10-digit PIN.

When applying online, your name will be recognized (if you are a current Duval County Public Schools’ student), and you will be able to see which priorities affect your choices as you make them.  However, there is NO benefit to applying online before the deadline; all applications, both paper and electronic, are entered into the lottery at the same time.  If you decide to apply online, you will need the 10-digit PIN at the bottom of the paper application.
The online option is no longer available.

If you wish to fill out a paper application and are unable to download a personalized application from the parent portal, or if you are new to the public school system and prefer not to apply online, you can download a blank form here at under the Forms link located at the top of the webpage.

Filling out the paper application form:

[1]  Is the information about your student correct?

If you are using the preprinted form, review the information about your student.  If there is incorrect information, immediately notify the school that the student currently attends to have the information corrected.  If you are using the blank form, fill in all the information requested that you can.  We’ll take care of the SPA Code, program of Study, Special Programs, F/R Lunch and Neighborhood School.  But the rest is your responsibility!

[2]  Do you have to make three choices?

No, you may make one choice, two choices or three choices – it’s up to you.  In fact, we suggest that you apply only for the programs that you really want and have an interest in having your student attend.

[3]  Do you have Program Continuity?

If you are using the preprinted form and your student is eligible for Program Continuity to the next school level, this information will be provided in the box labeled “Program Continuity.”

If you are using a blank form and you think your student is eligible, fill in the box, and we’ll be sure to check it out for you.  Remember, Program Continuity is not automatic.  You have to apply by the deadline to be eligible, and it does not always guarantee admission.  We honor your Program Continuity priority for first, second and third school choices, but many programs fill up with first-choice applicants.

[4]  Do you have Sibling Preference?

If you are using the preprinted form and your student is eligible for Sibling Preference to a magnet school that a brother or sister is already attending, this information will be provided at the bottom of the form in the box labeled “Sibling Preference.”

If you are using a blank form and you think your student is eligible, fill in the box with the sibling’s name and student ID number.  This is especially important for students entering kindergarten.  Remember, the sibling must be eligible to return next year to the school where you are applying.  Unfortunately, we cannot offer Sibling Preference to siblings applying together for the first time or to siblings living in different households.  Also, Sibling Preference does not guarantee acceptance.  In cases where twins or triplets applying together receive different schools in the lottery, we will try to place them in the same school where space is available.  Placement is at the discretion of the Executive Director of the School Choice Department.

[5]  Do you have to get the principal’s signature?

No, it’s not required, but it does give your student a priority in the magnet lottery.  You can only get the signature if you visit the school during an open house or tour.  Plus, we have found over the years that parents who visit the school before they apply are much more satisfied than those who don’t.

[6]  Who should sign the paper application?

The parent or legal guardian must sign the application.  We only accept original signatures, so you must mail or hand-deliver your application to the address listed on the bottom of the form.

[7]  How do you submit the paper application?

You should mail or hand-deliver your application to the Magnet Programs Office.  The address is printed on the bottom of the application form.  We do not accept faxed applications.  Do NOT turn in your application to the school.

[8]  How do you know that we received your application?

There are two things you can do.  (1) You can send us a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your application.  We’ll send you a date-stamped copy by return mail.  If you don’t receive your copy within a week, it’s important to let us know.  (2) You may bring your application to the Magnet Programs Office, and for a small charge (ten cents) we’ll make a copy with a state stamp on it.  That way you will have proof that your application was submitted on time.  We’re sorry but we cannot respond to phone requests to verify receipts.

[9]  What happens if you miss the deadline?

Only applications that are received or postmarked by the February 28, 2014 deadline will be processed in the magnet lottery.  We will gladly take your late application and file it according to the date it was received.  If there is space in the school you requested after the lottery or if space becomes available later in the summer, we will let you know.  When submitting a late application, you may make only one school choice.

[10]  The back of the application must be filled out by current private school,

out-of-county school and new Duval County Public Schools’ system students.  Current Duval County Public Schools’ students do not need to complete the back of the application.

[11]  Students new to the District, including incoming Kindergartners, may be asked to provide proof of address.