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If you need additional assistance, we invite you to call the School Choice Office at (904) 390-2082 or 390-2144. 

Duval Choice Team

Pearl Roziers, Assistant Superintendent
School Choice/Pupil Assignment OperationsPearl Roziers

As the Assistant Superintendent of Duval County's School Choice Department, it is my privilege to work with a great team of educators who manage the various programs related to school choice options. Finding that perfect match between student and schools is often the key to a successful school experience for our students. We are here to serve you and to help you find the right choice for your child. Please feel free to contact me if I can help you in any way.

Gary BryanGary Bryan
Supervisor, Magnet Programs

Hello, my name is Gary Bryan. As the Supervisor of Magnet Programs, I work with all of the magnet schools from development of their theme to helping them market their school. I work with the magnet application process and manage the magnet lottery. I am available to help parents understand any of the school choice options available to students in Duval County.


Anthony Copeland
Supervisor, Magnet Programs

Hello, my name is Anthony Copeland, as a Supervisor of Magnet Programs, I work primarily with magnet schools that are not currently participating in the magnet grant.  I would like to encourage you to tour our magnet and choice programs and ask questions.  If I can assist you please do not hesitate to contact me.


Ann Edgecombe
Supervisor, Magnet Grant ProjectsAnn Edgecombe

Hi! I am the Supervisor of the "Dreams Begin Here" and "Dreams Begin Here: The Next Generation" Magnet Grant Projects. I work with each of the 18 schools in the grants to implement new or revised magnet programs. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the two grant projects. I'll be happy to share the wonderful opportunities available to our studentsas a result of this federal grant.


Anita Henry-Smith
Supervisor, Charter SchoolsAnita Henry-Smith, Supervisor of Charter Schools

Hello, my name is Anita Henry-Smith, and I am Supervisor of Charter Schools. My role is to help with the application process for new charter schools, monitor current charter schools, and be a liaison between charter schools and the school district. I will be more than happy to discuss the choices Charter School programs can offer your child. Please feel free to contact me for information.


Gina Knight
Coordinator, Charter Schools

“Hello, my name is Gina Knight, and I am a Coordinator for Charter Schools.  I serve as a liaison between the district and charter schools. I also assist in monitoring current charter schools as well assist in the application process for new charter schools. If you have any questions regarding charter schools, please feel free to contact me.”


Lori J. Lewis
Coordinator, Student Assignment and School Choice

Greetings! I am the Coordinator of Student Assignment and School Choice. It is my pleasure to assist you in the areas of Special Transfer Option, Opportunity Scholarship, Federal Impact Aid, questions about current school boundaries or boundary changes, and inter-district transfers. Thank you for your interest in the Duval County Public School choice programs. I look forward to assisting your family with student transfer options.


Shanita Roper
Coordinator, Charter Schools

Hello, my name is Shanita Roper, and I am a Coordinator of Charter Schools. Charter Schools are another great choice for our students. In efforts to monitor and help Charter Schools provide new innovative learning approaches for our students, I serve as a liason between the district and Charter Schools. In addition to monitoring current Charter Schools, I also assist with the Charter application process. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information about Charter Schools.

Marketia FlemingMarketia Fleming
Technical Manager, Magnet Programs


Cathy Maycott
Technical Manager, Magnet Programs


Support Staff

Joyce Riley
Accounts TechnicianJoyce Riley

Hello, my name is Joyce G. Riley. My job is to make sure the entire magnet funds are well spent on equipment needed to run the magnet programs. Since education is a part of our daily lives, it is imperative that the students have all of the equipment that is needed to supply them with a quality education. It is my pleasure to help spend magnet funds, knowing that the students will be highly educated.


Marnice ParkerMarnice Parker
Secretary to the Executive Direcor, School Choice & Pupil Assignment Operations


Zelena Duggins
Secretary, Magnet

Hi! I am the secretary for the Magnet Office. It is my job to help Magnet programs run smoothly and successfully for the parents, students, and schools in Duval County. Thank you for your interest in Magnet programs and allowing me to assist you.


Nancy Lovely
Secretary, Charter Schools

Hello, my name is Nancy Lovely. I am one of the School Choice Secretaries with my focus being charter schools. I will be glad to assist and inform you of the programs and choices available for students in Duval County. It is my goal to make sure that you receive sufficient information about schools that are of interest to you. Thank you for allowing me to help you.


Brenda Mitchell
Clerk Typist, Magnet, School Choice & Pupil Assignment

Hello! I have worked for Duval County Schools for 30 years. It is a privilege to provide support to the School Choice and Magnet programs. Thank you for your interest in Magnet and Choice options and allowing me to assist you.